Fee Structure

Norms followed for fixing fees

  1. Our fee is at par with the facilities provided. 
  2. No fee is revised during mid-year. 
  3. No capitation fee is collected while admitting students. 
  4. As a policy, our fee will be less than that of comparable neighboring schools. 
  5. After getting the consent of parent representatives for the fee hikes, the same is ratified during the School Management Committee meeting. The same is then sent for management consent to the parent trust before implementing.

Class I – III Term fee5420
 II Term fee5420
 III Term fee5420
Class III – VI Term fee5560
 II Term fee5560
 III Term fee5560
Class VI – VIIII Term fee5650
 II Term fee5650
 III Term fee5650
Class IX – XI Term fee5700
 II Term fee5700
 III Term fee5700